Top 5 American Muscle Cars

Top 5 American Muscle Cars What cars will be on the list of  TOP 5 American Muscle Cars, only the legendary American Cars will be on this list, Curious?  Lets Find out in this Article. This Top 5 Ratings Base one our Survey from 100 person who in automotive industry.

We came here with a list of muscle cars that ruled the U.S. during the spurge of muscle cars in the United States. Even if these cars had a lot of American culture in it, it certainly has raised more of a fan following throughout the world.

Muscle Car is a term used to refer to a variety of high performance cars. The Merriam-Webster definition is the limit, “each designed by a group of American 2-door sports coupes with powerful engines for High-Performance Driving.” The term generally refers to 2-door rear-wheel drive mid-size cars, and sometimes full-size cars with large, powerful V8 equipped and sold at a price affordable to the street and formal and informal drag racing.

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